A New Studio

A New Studio

21 June 2018 // By Kat Atkins

A new studio.

I was turning 30, looked around my unit and found no inspiration to create any new designs. I was still working off a trestle table and had furniture that ‘did the job’ but I was bored with it.

I went to furniture stores looking for a new table. I needed a decent size to spread out. After looking at a few, I came to the conclusion – ‘To buy new furniture is not feasible (I had no real need, just a want for it.) A decent sized table for what I want was quite expensive and they all came in flat packs, so I still have to put it together anyway… I may as well build one myself.

Off to Bunnings I went.

I grabbed the cheapest door, they gave me some off cuts for the legs, a couple of brackets and lengths of non structural pine and I was home to either build a table or create a disaster…

With a few handy tips from the Bunnings staff, I set to work and ‘voila’ a large design table was created. (For a total of $75.)

Whilst I was on a roll, I also look at my current furniture and wanted to ‘upgrade’ to a new look. A lick of paint, some wheels, doors and feature panels (from off cuts) and shelves were created. This enabled the printer and scanner to move off my desk and tuck out of the way creating more workspace.

We often have to make do with the resources we have, and live within our means to proceed. Kat xx