A One Leaf Christmas


A One Leaf Christmas

21 December 2014 // By Kat Atkins

We recently celebrated a joyous One Leaf “Christmas” Jewellery Party in Gunnedah, NSW ~ hosted by the beautiful Joelle Laughton.

Being Christmas we added a little extra spirit with decorations from around Joelle’s home and we transformed Joelle’s beautiful dining room into a magical One Leaf Wonderland.

All the ladies arrived wearing white like Christmas morning and we kicked off a midday festia with home-made Baileys, fresh fruit platters with chocolates and Joelle even made leaf themed shortbread for the occasion.

If you would like to book a One Leaf Jewellery Party to host in your home, email: info@oneleafdesigns.com

For more information on the One Leaf Jewellery Parties, click here.


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