Dove Chic Bracelet


Dove Chic Bracelet


Dove Chic Bracelet

Materials: Hoplite (8mm gemstones)

Clasp: Sterling Silver with the signature handcrafted sterling silver leaf

Style: Chic

Some pieces may vary slightly from the image shown and the pieces you receive due to the natural stones and materials used.
Each bracelet is truly one of a kind and the same colour palette will apply.
The highest quality product is guaranteed.

Check your bracelet size here for the perfect fit.

You will also receive a custom designed jewellery bag perfect for the travelling lady.
This handmade bag  comes with a jewellery cloth lining to keep your jewellery clean and shiny.


The Dove Chic Bracelet goes with everything. this fresh chic piece will win overtime and become a staple in your wardrobe.

Each One Leaf piece is finished with 100% sterling silver and Kat’s personal strong hold bindings making your jewellery extremely durable to last the test of time. Topped off with the signature sterling silver leaf which Kat has also hand carved herself.

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