Dusk Marina Necklace

$165.00 $110.00

Dusk Marina Necklace

$165.00 $110.00

Dusk Marina Necklace

Materials: Jasper, Aqua Jasper Sea Sediment

Finish: Sterling silver clasp and bindings with the signature handcrafted sterling silver leaf

Length: 500mm

One of a kind

You will also receive a beautiful handmade canvas One Leaf gift bag ~ perfect for the travelling lady.


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Dusk Marina Necklace

Different to her other sisters, the Aqua Jasper Sea Sediment gems run higher in the Dusk Marina Necklace. The beautiful jasper earth tones with a touch of aqua to refresh  your day.

Each One Leaf piece is finished with 100% sterling silver including Kat’s personal strong hold bindings making your jewellery extremely durable to last the test of time. Not only is this piece the only of it’s kind, it is completed with the signature sterling silver leaf which Kat has also hand carved herself.