Caring For Your Jewellery

Caring for your Jewellery

Avoid storing jewellery in direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold. Jewellery is splash proof but it is not recommended to fully submerged jewellery for long periods of time – i.e. swimming or doing the dishes.

Avoid placing excess strain on necklaces, chains, bracelets or anklets. Try and store pieces individually to avoid tangling. Do not directly spray with perfume, hairspray or harsh chemicals. Please be cautious with sunscreen and body lotion. The best way to protect your jewellery is to apply products and waiting 5 minutes allowing it to dry before putting jewellery on the direct areas it will be sitting.

General Cleaning

All metals including sterling silver, gold, antique silver and brass, if not looked after do tarnish over time. The body contains its own oils which can be transferred onto jewellery when wearing; to maintain the shine and finish of each piece it is best to regularly wipe with a jewellery polish cloth or wash with jewellery cleaner to bring it back to its former glory. These can be purchased from your local jeweller.

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