30 Facts About Kat.


30 Facts About Kat.

23 April 2016 // By Kat Atkins

Yes it’s true 30 times around the sun! It’s my Birthday so here are 30 quick little fact and idiosyncrasies that you may or may not have known:

1. My full name is Kathryn Elizabeth Atkins.

2. I am the third child of four [Mum says I’m the clown, but I’m just quick off the mark and say what everyone else is thinking- my little sister is actually the loudest! I love you Naomi.]

3. I used to play the saxophone and the piano.

4. My favourite colour is green, then blue… but I’ll always buy anything black.

5. I trip a lot. No not travel – as much as I would like too, actually trip over. I’m quite sporty but just walking in general – not so good… the kerb, a slight rise in the pavement, if its uneven I manage to find it.

6. I’m not a big fan of sweets and haven’t eaten chocolate since I was 8. [But I will inhale a large packet of salty Dorito’s with a bowl of smashed avo any day.]

7. My favourite number.

8. I prefer skiing to snowboarding.

9. I wont go to locations below 21 degrees unless it involves skiing.

10. In any situation, whatever someone’s job titles or status in life, I will always treat people the same and make sure I have a laugh with everyone.

11. I do get comfortable around people too easy and speak without thinking … this usually results in laughter [thank goodness].

12. My parents used to lose me a lot as a child – I was always more than ok…

kat atkins

13. Animals – I don’t own any pets but I am a fan of weird wild things like water dragons. I have many that visit my back desk in all shapes and sizes. They are perfect, I don’t have to feed or clean up after them, they climb, scatter around and often just chill and hang out.

14. If I was only allowed to eat fruit I’d be okay with that… if that fruit also involved avocado on toast, with vegemite…

15. Halfway! I don’t usually do things unless I can do it properly. Half hearted isn’t my style.

16. Verbena Ave, Port Macquarie is where I grew up – it’s not any of my secret questions so don’t try and hack anything.

17. I can’t lie – I’m too lazy, the truth is also easier. [I wouldn’t even bother faking a sicky growing up. My awesome Mum would still give me the day off for being honest, we’d hang out, bake cakes and get crafty.]

18. Hot drinks – can’t do them and I do feel less adultly because of it.

19. If I could be an animal, I’d choose a sting ray – they chill in the sand, soar like and eagle yet get to swim all day… and if anything annoys them, they can just zap ’em with their tail.

20. I know many ridiculous party tricks and have no idea how I discovered I could do them.

21. I’ll always choose a quality made product over many cheaper versions and I do try to support local businesses when ever I can.

22. Running! I like to run, I’m no good at it, but I do enjoy it [unless it’s chasing after a bus…with luggage.]

23. My Birthday and Michael Jordan’s number… I used to want to be a basketball player until I realised 161cm is the perfect height for everyone’s elbow.

24. I love improvising and will give anything a go. I also love the challenge of being resourceful and utilising materials that you already have – it sparks more creative energy in my head to try and figure it out and come up with something completely original.

25. I believe if you always give 100%, you don’t have any regrets and will always be learning and growing.

26. I’ve always been creative but began making jewellery whilst living on Hamilton Island in 2006. [Jewellery supplies where easier to transport from the mainland rather than a canvas and easel or furniture to upcycle.]

27. Twenty Seven – Sauce and Devon! …I used to run bingo and make up my own rhymes. The oldies loved it.

28. I was a vegetarian till I was 14. Mum’s spinach pie is still my favourite, unless she’s cooking lamb, chicken or fish…

29. Never shy, but I’m quite content pottering around the home or wandering quietly through a rainforest or along the beach.

30.I’m surprised (& I know my friends and family are too) that I’ve made it to 30. I will still always be attending the “School of Life”, breaking the rules where I can to squeeze the most out of every minute.

Thank for joining me for the ride, I hope to see you all for many more times around the sun. Always stay true.

Kat xx