0. Rhythm Hunters | Winner of Sculpture in the Gaol 2018


0. Rhythm Hunters | Winner of Sculpture in the Gaol 2018

8 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | Kat Atkins wins Sculpture in the Gaol 2018.

Welcome to Rhythm Hunters, I’m Kat Atkins.
Join me on an exciting adventure as I make my way home to Australia’s Mid North Coast to support the local sculpture exhibition: Sculpture in the Gaol.

Rhythm Hunters won the exhibition by popular peoples vote.

Sculptures are available for sale and will be on silent auction. Bid for the sculptures as a set of three or separately.

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Exhibition Details:

Sculpture in the Gaol

5 August – 1 Sept 2018

Trial Bay, South West Rocks


I have documented the entire process for your entertainment and enjoyment:

0. Winner of Sculpture in the Gaol 2018

1. The Submission 

2. A Creative Mind 

3. A Wild Heart 

4. A Soul that Sings 

5. The Beginning 

6. Building the Hunters

7. The Beat of the Butterfly

8. The Bases 

9. The Finishing Touches

10. Wrapped and Packed 

11. Installation Day 

12. Sculpture in the Gaol – Open Day 

13. Inside Trial Bay Gaol 

14. Photo Gallery

15. Roll Tape (All videos) 

16.  Social Butterfly

All supporting video content is of the New South Wales coastline:

From : Diamond Head

Crowdy Bay National Park

To: South West Rocks

Arakoon National Park


For sales and media enquiries please email: kat@katatkinscreative.com

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