1. Rhythm Hunters | The Submission


1. Rhythm Hunters | The Submission

8 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | The Submission

Title:               Rhythm Hunters
Caption:       ‘Living to the beat of the butterfly wing.’

Artist Statement:
‘Rhythm Hunters’ is an inspiration to the adventurous soul whose quest for survival becomes a celebration of life.

In the words of Richard Bach “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the Master calls the butterfly.”

This sculpture calls us to recycle, recreate and celebrate.

Australian jewellery designer and artist Kat Atkins needed some mannequins to display her couture jewellery pieces. Kat wanted mannequins that were artistic, bold and beautiful with a touch of character, just like her jewellery. There was nothing in the market that appealed to her, so she decided to make her own. Given limited resources, however, with an unlimited imagination, Rhythm Hunters evolved. The proposed ‘mannequins’ doubled in size, grew wings and became an entire work of art!

Artist Comments:
Rhythm Hunters started with a young child’s shell collection and other findings that had washed up on the beautiful Australian coastline (predominately the mid north coast).
The beach has always been a constant escape in a busy world – a reminder of the beauty in nature and the perfect remedy to wash any worries away.  The majestic trio encapsulates the passion to live strong, run wild and be free.
In addition, placing these sculptures in a Gaol by the beach seems quite fitting to the story. ~ Kat Atkins.

Duration: A lifetime of gathering, 4 years of making.


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