3. Rhythm Hunters | A Wild Heart


3. Rhythm Hunters | A Wild Heart

8 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | A Wild Heart
When I started on this project, I put the word out and to the entire family to help gather supplies.

Collecting driftwood for Rhythm Hunters

Family members, young and old got on board and helped with collecting extra driftwood and shells. I will admit it was very weird when I searching for driftwood suitable as a leg or an arm piece, ha. Finding pieces for the waists with a belly button was a bonus! The side torso twist on the female made from the palm frond is my favourite section of the sculptures.

Sculpture by Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunter – Female torso twist


The hunting and gathering of these supplies also brought back a lot of good memories of camping and adventuring at Diamond Head, Delicate Nobby and Hat head. [Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia]

Shelly Beach, Port Macquarie was my backyard. I spent hours amongst the rock pools, rainforest walks and snorkelling the reef with my brother. Whether it was surfing, playing in the sand or building driftwood huts – Shelly Beach had it all.

I created the human sculptures as hunters as I have always had a passion and curiosity for exploration. I also admire how many people before us survived on a lot less than what we do today.
(Truth: I even skipped school at times to go on these adventures and loved every second of it.)

Choosing an exhibition

Living in Queensland as far as the Whitsundays and now currently based on the Gold Coast.
I had recently returned from Italy and Greece where I directed photoshoots with One Leaf Designs.
I was determined to finish the sculptures in 2018. As I was coming to the finishing stages of Rhythm Hunters and looking at exhibition options, South West Rocks came across my desk…it was a no brainer!
I competed in the Trial Bay Gaol Triathlon every year till I moved away at age 17. I was very familiar with South West Rocks and the gaol would create an amazing backdrop.

My family are all still in the region (I have 7 Uncles!…) and they have all contributed in some way to helping me complete this project. So to be able to install it in a place that is easily accessible for them was important for me.

Placing the sculptures in the gaol also completely fits the story of the Rhythm Hunters as well, all in all, it was perfect timing to come home. x

Sculptures in the Gaol
5 Aug – 1 Sept 2018
Trial Bay, South West Rocks


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