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Enjoy the variety of genres lead by Australian multi-skilled Artist and Entrepreneur  

~ Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters wins Sculpture in the Gaol at South West Rocks. Kat takes you through the entire creative process.
LogoWith over 19 years in business development, specialising in customer service. Learn helpful tips to build your business into a reputable brand.
Originality and quality is One Leaf’s specialty.  Join Kat through the entire jewellery process from design to completion. Learn helpful jewellery tips, and be involved in photoshoots and events.
 LogoPassionate about photography or need help capturing your targeted audience with pictures that speak for themselves, follow Kat and see the world through her lens.
Logo for The Pencil Box StudioThe Pencil Box Studio showcases another skill and interest that Kat holds closely to heart. Custom made artworks are created and become iconic in the household or business.
Paint Palette LogoFrom major projects to finishing touches – Over at the Paint Palette, Kat gets lost in a world of colours, shapes and textures.
The Little Chippy LogoCreating anything from custom made pieces to sculptures. Building items over at The Little Chippy keeps ideas and designs fresh.