Rhythm Hunters

Rhythm Hunters Auction

Rhythm Hunters

Australian multi-skilled Artist Kat Atkins has created three larger than life sculptures ‘Rhythm Hunters’ winning Sculpture in the Gaol, Trial Bay Gaol, South West Rocks.


Sculpture in the Gaol 

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Sculptures are available for sale and will be on silent auction.
Bid for the sculptures as a set of three or separately.

Place your bid below.

Silent Auction

1. Rhythm Hunters | Set of Three

Rhythm Hunters Set of Three – Front View

Item 1: Rhythm Hunters | Set of Three

Silent Auction – Separate Bid

2. Rhythm Hunters | Female Hunter

Rhythm Hunters – Female Hunter

Item 2: Rhythm Hunters | Female Hunter

3. Rhythm Hunters | Butterfly

Butterfly Wings – Front View

Item 3: Rhythm Hunters | Butterfly

4. Rhythm Hunters | Male Hunter

Rhythm Hunters – Male

Item 4: Rhythm Hunters | Male Hunter

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For enquiries, email: kat@katatkinscreative.com

Terms and Conditions

  • – Auction ends 1 September 2018.
  • – Participation in this silent auction is voluntary.
  • – Bids will be confirmed via email.
  • – Final decision is that of the artist.
  • – Tax invoice will be sent to winning buyer. Payment must be received before goods are dispatched.
  • – Delivery of sculpture will be coordinated by the artist. Any additional plant equipment such as forklifts required on delivery site will be at the buyers cost.
  • – Cost of local transfer will be included in buy price. Additional costs may apply if transferring further than NSW Mid North Coast.
  • – If insurance of transport is desired, this will be at the buyers expense.