15. Rhythm Hunters | Roll Tape


15. Rhythm Hunters | Roll Tape

6 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | Roll Tape

Below is the complete set of video clips taken for the Rhythm Hunters Campaign.

Interested on videoing your next project? But don’t have the budget for a suite of professional promo videos?
Well neither did I, 95% of the footage was self taped using a tripod and iPhone 7.

All videos were edited in iMovie for ease of uploading to social media and YouTube.
There will be a time and place for professional footage to be taken, however four years of working on a solo project called for me to utilise the resources I had infront of me.

Clip tips at bottom of page.


[1.Kat Atkins – Rhythm Hunters]

Wanting to make your own videos? Here are some clip tips:

  • – If I showed four years of just sculpture photos, this would have tired very quickly with my audience. Think outside the box.
  • – When making clips to compeiment the sculptures I chose to keep everything in theme such as beach, driftwood, shells, butterflies. I am a multi-skilled artist however drawing characters, painting murals and filming how a sterling silver ring is made would quickly bore an audience keen on coastline adventures and upcycling findings to create a master piece. Choose your story – stick to it.
  • – Get yourself a decent tripod. I used a fully functioning camera tripod that holds a heavy SLR camera and lens. I attached the mount from a selfie stick to hold my phone and the tripod was able to get all the angles and height I needed. It seems excessive for a phone but I never once had to worry about the wind blowing over the flimsy selfie stick tripod.
  • – Be ruthless in editing, if its crap, cut it. If its good, can you speed it up? If not, just grab the very best section of the good clip.
  • – Where possible the ‘dissolve’ transition is used for smooth progression to the next clip. This also cuts the time down of the entire clip as it merges two sections together.
  • – I opt for music and text overlay, I enjoy this more than a step by step narrative (unless I’m watching a how to video).  I’m fine at adding lib but don’t particularly enjoy reading a script…I love the motto “Action’s speak louder than words.” Find what works best for you.
  • – For social media, I keep clips 6 – 60 secs. This also make me be ruthless in my editing as I want people to stay engaged when viewing the clips.
  • – If I’m not completely sold on a clip, I leave it and come back to it at a later time.
  • – Keep it simple, with iMovie you only have a limited option of functions so don’t get funky with it and mix fonts or have multiple transition types. Find the ones you like and keep it consistent. this will be much smoother for your audience and more enjoyable to watch.

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