8. Rhythm Hunters | The Bases


8. Rhythm Hunters | The Bases

7 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | The Bases

I began building the bases of the sculptures on concrete umbrella stands. These did the job whilst creating and caught all the bondcrete drips. However they were not suitable for transport and were only held together with one screw.

I needed to create something sturdy and robust to hold sculptures close to 3 metres tall. I drew up a design for a four point steel tripod that would ensure for a well balanced stand. I got offcuts cut to size and Tim Atkins (my Uncle) welded them in place. They were then coated with metal spray paint for a classic black finish.

I also needed something practical to move.
Over at The Little Chippy workshop I have upcycled many pallets to make furniture and also attach wheels to easily move studio spaces around.
I applied the same concept for the wooden base.

However the pallets I commandeered were not the same size. I pulled multiple pallets apart, removed all nails, cut to size, nailed back together (recycling the old nails again), sanded and stained for a professional finish.

Lockable castor wheels were attached for ease of transport and safety.
The steel bases were secured with u-bolts and project bases were complete.

Original cement bases


Final Bases




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