11. Rhythm Hunters | Installation Day


11. Rhythm Hunters | Installation Day

7 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | Installation Day

The day came to load the rig! Although slightly nerve racking, after spending an entire day wrapping we still needed to get it through the doors…

A massive well done to Glen from Snap Truck hire and Towing who manoeuvred the truck and a crane in a tight driveway  and under power lines. Once loaded and locked in we hit the road from Telegraph Point straight up to South West Rocks.

The National Parks and Wildlife Team greeted us on arrival and many hands made light work. It was a great effort by everyone and would not have been achievable otherwise.
We are in!!!


Many long solo mosquito bitten hours were spent working on these sculptures over the last four years, however I would not have been able to create such pieces without the amazing support of family and friends.

A special thank you to the following:
Housing the sculpture, allowing the mess of creation and feeding the artist: Noel and Mandy Atkins (Parents)

Contributing to the driftwood collection:  Joanna Darby and family  (Sister), Rob Atkins (Uncle), Jared Atkins (Cousin)

Contributing to the shell collection: Janelle Atkins (Aunty), Jean Atkins (Ma), Mandy Atkins (Mum), Lea Montgomery (Friend)

Editors of word content: Jenny Schouten (Godmother), Jerry Unser (Friend) Luke Smith (Friend), Mandy Atkins (Mum)

Welding and drilling of the frames: Rob Newell and Jared Atkins (Cousins)

Welding of the bases:  Tim Atkins (Uncle)

Collection of materials and supplies: Noel and Mandy Atkins (Parents), Tracey Walton (Aunty), Sports Super Centre (Previous workplace), Ted Atkins (Uncle)

Assistance cutting timber pallets: Nick Fantis (Friend)

Creative sounding boards: Rob Newell (Cousin), Jared Atkins (Cousin), Daniel Atkins (Brother), Joanna Darby (Sister), Naomi Atkins (Sister.)

Assistance in moving sculptures to stronger bases: Larry and Ben Holmes (Neighbours)

Transportation and installation: Glen from Snap Towing, The Team at NPWS, Noel Atkins, Sumah Lee Atkinson

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