10. Rhythm Hunters | Wrapped and Packed


10. Rhythm Hunters | Wrapped and Packed

7 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

Rhythm Hunters | Wrapped and Packed

When you think the job is complete, reality soon sets in when it is time to wrap and pack the final product… times three.
It took an entire day and night (it may have been quicker if I didn’t goof around so much, by this point the tiredness starts to creep in and you really have to keep on pushing on.)

The Hunters are quite robust with the galvanised steel frames however there are delicate pieces on them such as the weapons like the bow and arrows, and large fighting stick. The shells are held strong with bondcrete and resin so they are not coming off, however the sections that fan out for aesthetics could get chipped during transport if not wrapped properly.

Sheets were used to cover the Hunters first, then donnas and blankets. Packing cardboard and styrofoam were boxed around the bow and arrows.

The wings were the heaviest sculpture however with the feathers set on aluminium I did not want to place heavy blankets on there to bend it out of shape. So wrapping this piece started off awkward. A sheet to protect, blankets around the body, and then I built four panels to press up against each side of the wings.

This task in itself was a major job, however it all held up and made the trip no trouble at all. Yay!

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