9. Rhythm Hunters | The Finishing Touches


9. Rhythm Hunters | The Finishing Touches

7 August 2018 // By Kat Atkins

The Finishing Touches

It was an exciting day as I was so close to finishing.

However once the three sculptures were complete, I had the challenge of moving them from the concrete bases to the new and improved bases.

Problem one: I can’t lift them.

Problem two: They won’t fit out the garage door on the bases.

Problem three: We had a gravel driveway which is not the smoothest to wheel anything across let alone three large sculptures.

Thank goodness and a huge thank you to neighbours Ben and Larry that came to the rescue. We tilted them onto a trolley and then transferred over to the new bases.

Multiple coats of marine clear satin  finish (as used on boats) was applied to seal the sculptures – Once outside, I applied the final coat. (Not only does it protect the sculptures from the weather, it will also bring out the grains in the wood for added effect.)
I also used up the last of the resin on the wings.

Once dry enough to move I laid plywood down and leaped frogged them over to the opposite carport until installation day was to arrive.

But I still wasn’t quite finished…

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